Brinkley Lane
Meet the Team


Hello, I'm Emma Price

I have been the Nursery Manager of the Brinkley Lane Nursery, Colchester for nearly four years. 

I have been managing nurseries for many years and have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which has enabled me to maintain the exceptionally high standards which Seymour House strive for.  

I am qualified to BA Hons level in early years and feel that my qualifications and experience complements the provision as I am able to contribute to the high standard of care and education provided by Seymour House.

I would be excited and extremely proud to show you and your family around our Outstanding nursery here at Brinkley Lane and highlight to you the benefits an early years education with us could offer you and your child.


Hello, I'm Kathleen Lake

I am the Head of Early Years Practice.

I joined Seymour House in 2011 at Brinkley Lane Day Nursery School, Colchester, bringing with me over 10 years of experience of working with children aged 0-5 years. After finishing my BA Hons in Early Years and gaining Early Years Professional Status I moved to Broomfield Hospital Nursery to take up the role of Head of Early Years Practice, and now delighted to be back at Brinkley Lane Nursery, Colchester.

I am passionate about providing the best possible care and education in order to help children to develop, which I think is both vital and very rewarding.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to our outstanding Brinkley Lane Nursery in Colchester.