Hertfordshire Fees

Our fees as of 1st May 2019 are shown below.  The below table includes the full benefits of 30 hours of Free Entitlement, and Tax Free Childcare.

Hertfordshire fees

Nursery fees are charged on an annual basis with an allowance for closure between Christmas and New Year, four further weeks for Bank Holidays and for other family holidays which may be taken at any time.  The annual fee is payable in twelve equal monthly instalments (52/12) in advance of the 1st of each month.


Free Education Entitlement

All children are entitled to either 570 or 1140 hours of free entitlement per year (15 or 30 for each term-time week of the year) from the beginning of the term after their third birthday.  The fees above include 30 hours of free entitlement stretched equally over each day of the year.  Please speak to the nursery manager if you are not eligible for the Extended Entitlement.  In order to synchronise this funding with regular monthly payments, the terms are deemed to start on the 1st September, 1st January, and 1st May.  The funded provision is automatically deducted from the fees, and any balance due is for additional periods of care, meals, and the remaining weeks of provision.


Tax Free Childcare

We also accept payment through the Government's Tax Free Childcare scheme.  Using this scheme, the actual cost to parents is shown below the main figure.  This is then topped up by 20% by the government for up to £2000 per year, to give our full fee shown at the top of each box.  The nursery only accepts electronic settlement, and parents remain responsible for the whole fee until payment is received.  THe nursery will continue to accept Childcare Vouchers while the schemes remain open.


Terms of Attendance

Our full terms of attendance can be viewed here.


*Equivalent Cost

This is based on the actual total cost to parents of a December-born child attending from 6 months to school age, eligible for extended free entitlement and using Tax Free Childcare.