Seymour House
About us

Seymour House was formed in 1988, and from the outset we chose to make the quality of care and education the factor that would set us apart.

It is a policy that children, parents, employers and partner schools all value and this has enabled the Seymour House to re-invest and fund over 20 years of growth and development. We now operate ten Day Nursery Schools across Essex and Hertfordshire making us the County's leading independent provider of funded nursery education.

We continue to innovate and invest in new services for young children and their families resulting in one of the best inspection records in the UK with 100% of outcomes being judged Outstanding by Ofsted in the last cycle of inspection.

We know our success in helping parents to provide their child with the best possible start in life and to provide quality care and education parents both value and deserve is due to the talent, passion and commitment of our team.

Our team is committed to our mission and our values and we seek to exceed all of our customers’ expectations by living our values every day.


Our 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report

Our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report

Truly Outstanding

All Seymour House Locations have been judged outstanding by Ofsted in all areas. We are proud to hold the best inspection record in the country.