Seymour House

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

Children are our future.

If raising a child is the greatest personal responsibility anyone ever has, supporting parents and helping children to develop is one of the most important roles within our society and can provide the most rewarding careers. 

Our mission

To be the most respected provider of early education.

  • By operating the best and most successful day nursery schools.
  • By developing educational resources that parents and educators value.

Our values


We know the things we learn in the first five years are the only things that endure and shape the rest of our lives. It is a privilege to be trusted to be part of a child’s life at this stage.


We work together as a team, treat our colleagues as we wish to be treated, understand that what we get out of our careers is directly related to what we put in, take pride in everything we do and have fun along the way. 


We provide excellent parent-care as well as child-care and never forget that parents have a choice.