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Reading and Writing


As part of our 'Prepared for School' programme Seymour House have developed a reading and writing scheme for children showing pre-reading readiness and basic pencil control.

The scheme will not only support your child in taking the first steps in learning to read and write, but also in learning to love literature.

It is essential that there is continuity between home, nursery school and school to support your child with these vital skills. Please see the instructional videos above to learn more!

The Seymour House Reading and Writing Scheme is primarily a phonics based approach to reading, with elements of whole word recognition for 'tricky words' which do not conform to the basic phonetic rules.

Correct letter formation is introduced alongside the teaching of sounds. The Seymour House Reading and Writing Scheme comprises of four resources that are given to parents to share with children at home as well as in the nursery.


Sound Sets

The Sound Sets teach your child the 42 main letter-sound correspondences.

When introducing letters to your child it is important to use the letter sound and not the letter name, this is following guidelines from 'Letters and Sounds, Principles and Practices of High Quality Phonics'. Letters are not introduced in alphabetical order, but in an order that allows your child to make many simple words using the letter sound correspondences already taught.

For examples and tutorials please see the Phonics training video.


Word Banks

Once your child is confident with the grapheme-phoneme correspondences from Sound Set 1, they will be introduced to Word Banks.

Word Banks compliment the Sound Sets by providing regular opportunities to practice blending the grapheme-phoneme correspondences that have already been taught.

For a tutorial on the Word Banks and advice on blending, please see the Word Banks Training video.