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What Is ‘Prepared For School’?


Seymour House has a wealth of experience in supporting both children and parents with transitions to school. Our unique Prepared for School Programme, devised by our Head of Early Years Practice Team, aims to equip every child with essential practical skills for starting school. In addition we teach some academic skills along the way too, to give your child a head start in their education.

Starting school is a significant milestone for children and parents alike, a milestone with very mixed emotions. Parents can feel pride, anxiety and sadness that their ‘little one’ is growing up so fast.

To a 4 year old the idea of starting ‘big school’ can be both exciting and daunting. This is a period where children experience rapid development and where changes in routine can be unsettling. It is for this reason, Seymour House sees the transition to school as a process rather than ‘an event’ and with a little preparation at home and at nursery, you can be rest assured both you and your child will be well-prepared for when September arrives.

The Prepared for School Programme is also designed to support parents through the practical process of choosing a school and securing a place.  Every September before the admissions process opens we hold Schools Admissions Seminars in our nurseries where we invite local Head Teachers and Schools admissions officers to answer your questions on the process and the best way to secure a place at your school of choice.