Lawn Lane
Meet the Team


Hello, I'm Kathleen Lake

I am the Head of Early Years Practice.

I joined Seymour House in 2011 at Brinkley Lane Day Nursery School, Colchester, bringing with me over 10 years of experience of working with children aged 0-5 years. After finishing my BA Hons in Early Years and gaining Early Years Professional Status I moved to Broomfield Hospital Nursery to take up the role of Head of Early Years Practice, and now delighted to be at Lawn Lane Nursery.

I am passionate about providing the best possible care and education in order to help children to develop, which I think is both vital and very rewarding.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child to our outstanding Lawn Lane Nursery, Chelmsford.


Hello, I'm Katherine Cooper

I am the Nursery Manager at Lawn Lane Nursery, Chelmsford.

When I started out in my career 20 years ago I knew straight away that this is where my passion lay and that I wanted to use that passion to inspire others too.

Over my career, I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience through different roles including working for 5 years in Reception class.

I joined Seymour House in September 2017 as a Senior at Gershwin Park. Seymour House have provided me with such fantastic training opportunities, allowing me to further develop my skills through the Skills Development Programme and transfers to support team at other nurseries that I have now progressed to the Nursery Management.

I am committed to continuing to provide outstanding practice for the children in our care and would love to welcome you and your family, to show you around Lawn Lane so you can experience for yourself our warm and inviting environment where we nurture each individual child’s learning and development.